Blackie Chesher Park Improvements - 2013/14

Client - City of El Paso Parks and Recreation

Landscape Architect of Record (Phase I) - Patrick Gay, Sites Southwest

Lead Designer (Phase I) - David A. Parra

Architect of Record (Phase II) - David A. Parra

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 Blackie Chesher Park is one of El Paso's largest and most used recreation spaces. After many years of use, Blackie Chesher became a place with formidable shade trees and play areas but was in desperate need of improvements. After a phased design project Blackie Chesher Park once again offered a formalized entryway with designated sport fields and walkways bordered by newly planted shade trees.


  The project not only encompassed landscape improvements but also took on the task of assessing and redesigning an extensive irrigation system for the various fields.


  Sites Southwest is the Landscape Architect of Record for this project. David A. Parra led the project design phases during his tenure there.

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