With a combined experience of over 10 years, Greenway Studio offers water conscious designs that highlight architecture by providing a natural element to an urban environment. We provide an artistic quality and a natural warmth that disrupts the mundane, and brings people a genuinely designed space in which to interact with the natural environment. Our projects offer a place to play, rest, have a break, release stress, all while improving the quality of life. In our approach we work with our client to explore the project’s opportunities and constraints, while also defining uses, focal points, and the appropriate landscape materials. Our studio places importance in applying innovations in technology and best principles that contribute to water reduction and all-around landscape efficiency. We use and implement a water conscious design that are vital in our southwestern region.



A successful and well thought master plan sets a strategic guide to sustaining excellent places for living, working, and playing. This demands strategic thinking and a comprehensive understanding of the urban environment. It addresses the multifaceted aspects that make places successful and observes the quality of the project, its space and management, its relation to history and culture, as well as economic reality. Greenway Studio strives to deliver high quality public spaces, meaningful environments, and sustainable development.


Our experience in planning provides strategic development at a regional and city level, for urban and rural projects. We consider sites and projects individually to help municipalities prepare for future growth and community wellbeing. Environmental considerations and a comprehensive arrangement of land uses make up what we know as planning. Together with public input and public participation, a strong sense of ownership ensures a responsive plan.



Greenway Studio offers quality landscape renderings. Our illustrations and enhanced graphics provide people with a deeper understanding of spaces which would otherwise be observed in plans. Its is our experience that landscape architecture is refined through the details and forms of conceptual rendering. The visual assistance of perspectives, elevations, or even rendered plan views facilitate the ideas being transmitted and allow for people to explore through more familiar views.


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