Westside Dog Park - 2011

Client: City of  El Paso Texas

Landscape Architect of Record - Lewis Wright, Landscape Architectural Services

Lead Designer : Luis Fernando Terrazas

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  This addition to the existing park aimed to increase the use and functionality of the already popular Westside Community Park.The extensive lawn area is divided in three areas to ensure safety for dog owners and their pets. The areas are rotated for large dogs and small dogs while leaving one area closed to allow the space to rest and repair itself. Dogs are treated to a treed area, while owners rest on plentiful shaded benches or play a lively game of frisbee.


  The area is well-lit for safety and comfort. Entry and exit areas include double doors with individual latches, which offer maximum security and peace of mind for owners. The environmentally friendly design takes advantage of the park’s location as a natural runoff area in the case of heavy rainfall, and uses reclaimed water for irrigation.


  Landscape Architectural Services is the Landscape Architect of Record for this project. Luis Fernando Terrazas led the project design phases during his tenure there.

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