Eastlake High School Phase III - 2011

Client: Socorro Independent School District

Landscape Architect of Record - Lewis Wright, Landscape Architectural Services

Lead Designer : Luis Fernando Terrazas

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  High school graduates are ready to take on the world and make an impact in their communities. The Eastlake High School project pays homage to their enthusiasm and drive by painting the school and its students and faculty as “making a splash.” The aesthetic areas are in the form of ripples emanating outward from the school as new knowledge and skills equip students to add to their world.


  The project’s focal point is the entrance to the performing arts center, which uses native and adaptive plants draw attention to the center. The design’s lines and curves mimic architectural themes, and differently sized trees to emphasize terrain changes in a seemingly flat campus. Large trees also provide shade for the expansive wall and accent the center’s entrance. Thoughtful design combines the elements of natural beautification and functional athletic areas.


  Aesthetic emphasis gives way to functional needs in the athletic area, where all plantings have a use. Trees are appropriately spaced to create a dense canopy as they mature without encroaching on another’s nutrients or space. This is part of the overall vision for the fully-functional area; it will provide comfortable practice and spectator areas while preserving the necessary field and court requirements for official sporting events. Tree-lined walls create a more secluded setting and allow athletes to focus on their craft.


Landscape Architectural Services is the Landscape Architect of Record for this project. Luis Fernando Terrazas led the project design phases during his tenure there.


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