UTEP Schuster Walls - 2011

Client: University of Texas El Paso

Landscape Architect of Record - Lewis Wright, Landscape Architectural Services

Lead Designer : Luis Fernando Terrazas

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  A university’s entrance should showcase the school’s culture and values. Both are evident in this three-tiered space teeming with plant life that invites students and visitors alike to explore the campus and all El Paso has to offer. The bottom level was planted specifically with low evergreen grasses and plants and ornamental grasses because they add a touch of color and texture in the summer and early fall. Their gently blowing forms soften the wall’s rigidity.


  This area showcases the UTEP marquee and indicates the main entrance to the campus. It is a popular photo opportunity for graduates and visitors, and as such was carefully outfitted with plants that add natural beauty and visual interest throughout the year.


  The walls’ three levels showcase three distinct architectural features; the walls begin on the north side with rock walls in El Paso’s unique style, continue south with gabions, and end on the southeast side with boulders. Native and adaptive vegetation interacts with this architectural style to emphasize the evolution of the wall from formal to natural styles.


  Landscape Architectural Services is the Landscape Architect of Record for this project. Luis Fernando Terrazas led the project design phases during his tenure there.

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