University of Texas at El Paso, School of nursing - 2011

Client: University of Texas El Paso

Landscape Architect of Record - Lewis Wright, Landscape Architectural Services

Lead Designer : Luis Fernando Terrazas

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 This project promotes the interaction of different types of terrains and responds to the area’s unique topographical challenges. The design uses a combination of turf and many types of rock mulch. Large rocks are used to deter foot traffic in high topography areas, small rocks are used to invoke a sense of natural vegetation, and rock screenings invite people to use certain spaces.


  The design effectively maximizes space despite elevation changes. Near the building, the courtyard takes advantage of open spaces below street level by creating a calm oasis from busy class days, and a gathering space under natural shade where students and faculty can choose from formal and informal seating options. Terraces stepping down from street level to the courtyard catch the eye with brightly colored plants and interesting planting design. The space is punctuated by large lawns, which serve as a much-needed recreation and relaxation space for students, offering relief from the summer heat.


  The building is lined with ornamental grasses, hearkening to the building’s Bhutanese roots and softening the stark white walls and edges. Water retention ponds are located behind the building to aid in runoff collection and responsible water collection. The space is designed to mature along with UTEP’s nursing program, and will provide natural shade and invigorating spaces for years to come.


  Landscape Architectural Services is the Landscape Architect of Record for this project. Luis Fernando Terrazas led the project design phases during his tenure there.

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